Stories and fairytales

A man lived on the farm Nord Moen in Rollag, he was called Gunleik Rabben. He was born in Flesberg in 1801.

He told that one summer he was on Nysetra (cabin) between Rollag and Sigdal to cut the field when he saw this; He arrived late, and decided cut the grass the following day. Meanwhile went over to a cliff just off the farm to make shafts for a rake.

While he stood there and worked, he saw a small herd of cows a distance away, and cow bells could be heard. One or two people were with the cows.

Gunleik watches for a while, but then continues working on his shafts. A dragon suddenly rushes just above the ground right by him. Gunleik hits the dragon with his shaft so it splits. The parts crawls over the ground, fire hissing. The parts then reassemble and the dragon disappears. Gunleik continues working on the shafts. Suddenly a boy, a girl and some sheep appear. They walk towards a nearby hill and disappears. He wonders about this and decide to investigate. When he gets to the hill, he suddenly is inside a large hall, full of men and women. He knows two or three of the men: They are from Flesberg, but died a few years ago. The men are sitting at the end of a large table, with their hands under their cheeks, supporting the elbows on the table and looking sad. It is prepared for a great feast in the hall. Beer and wine are offered around and the food is of top quality. It does not seem like they care about him being there, no one talks to him or offer him anything.

After a while someone ask him if he would like to come over to the mountain Tråen-natten. “My sister has a feast there today," the voice says. Gunleik refuses and says “I must be at the cabin to cut the grass, and I want to get out of here right now in the name of the Lord Jesus." "Yes, that man we want to hear about," an old woman says. She stands in a corner and scrubs a pot with a rattling sound. Gunleik leaves. As soon as he comes out the door, a glowing iron rod is thrown at him. He had been warned that this could happen if he were taken into the mountain, so he throws himself to the side as soon as he comes out, and the iron rod misses him. The man who had talked to him comes after him and asks if he want to come away to the mountain to see the great feast. Gunleik is still unwilling, and returns to the cliff where he worked previously.

He thinks he's only been gone for a little while, but now the Sun is high in the sky and it's already late.