Heritage articles

Theodor Kittelsen: Mother, an old woman is coming.Where did the plague come from when it arrived in Numedal? The plague came to Oslo in the autumn 1348. It was an active shipping service between Oslo and southeast England. Norwegians travelled to sell griddles, whetstones, iron, lumber, mill stones, soapstone products, furs etc. They bought wheat, beer, wine, glass and pewter items and much more. 

The Kravik portalThe Norse saga figure Gunnar Gjukesson in the snake pit can be seen in three key woodcarvings in Numedal. These are found in Uvdal stave church, in the main building at Mellom Kravik and at the loft on Nordre Vangestad in Flesberg.

Veggli stave churchBeside the present church in Veggli lies the old cemetery. This area had a stave church from the 13. century. It was a small church. The nave was 5.7 m long and 4.6 m wide, while the apse was only 2 m wide.