Nore and Uvdal historical farmstead

Nore and Uvdal historical farmsteadNore and Uvdal historical farmstead is situated in the former vicarage with a great view of the valley. With Uvdal stave church nearby, the place has a lot to offer. During the summer season there is a sales exhibition with local artisans in the schoolroom.

Of the original houses, only the vicarage storehouse and the school house is left, the other buildings were moved here from various locations in the village.

The farmstead now has 17 buildings. In addition to the houses, there are tools and other equipment both inside and outside.

In summer 2007, the “Grønneflåtstua” historical building was moved here, and the official opening of the farmstead was held on 3 October by Mayor Eli Hovd Prestegården.

A new building in the yard triggers unimagined activities. “Grønneflåtstua” is used for private parties such as weddings, christenings and other celebrations. It is a suitable venue for cultural evenings, concerts and other gatherings.



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  Nore og Uvdal historical farmstead Nore og Uvdal historical farmstead Nore og Uvdal historical farmstead

Information for visitors

Distances: From Kongsberg: 101 km. From Oslo: 184 km.  Click here for a map link

Opening hours: 1. June to 31. August Every day from 10 AM to 6 PM Entrance ticket for sale in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria with traditional food in the school house, handicraft from local artisans for sale.
The weekly curiosity in the schoolroom: Every other Monday a new object is added to the exhibition, but the description is not added until one week later.

Jewelry for humans and animals, exhibit by O. Knudsen.
Låven (the barn): Exhibition of axes:
The barn, "Kitchen Art» Potholders and aprons
The school building (cafeteria): "Kitchen Art" Potholders and aprons - exhibition by Nore and Uvdal women’s society.

The buildings are open, tickets can be purchased in the school building.
The cafeteria in the School building is open daily, and traditional food, handicrafts and souvenirs is for sale.

For more information call +47 31 02 40 90