Medieval week

middelalderuka illustrasjonsbildeThe Medieval Week in Numedal has been held since 2001, and the place has a very special background for arranging a medieval festival: This valley stretching north from Kongsberg to Dagali has one of Norway’s most concentrated collections of medieval buildings and artefacts. There are 4 stave churces in the valley. This provides an authentic setting for the events during the Medieval Week. Here you can see and experience the unique Medieval Art and literally feel the centuries-old architectural style.

The festival has a distinct two-faced profile: On one side, we offer events where you are entertained (concerts, lectures and exhibitions). But we also want you to participate: We organize classes, tours, trips and other activities that places you in the middle of the action.

The Medieval Week is always arranged in conjunction with “Olsok”, celebration of the ‘saint Olaf’ of Norway the last week in July.

The Medieval Week is a joint effort between the three municipalities in Numedal: Flesberg, Rollag and Nore og Uvdal. In addition, the Buskerud Museum and the National Trust of Norway cooperate the event. The event is supported financially by Buskerud County Council. Arts Council Norway provides occasional funding for individual concerts.

Contacts for The Medieval Week

Linda Gurvin, Rollag
Kristin Hammershaug, Flesberg
Lill Samuelsen, consultant of culture in Nore og Uvdal