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Sevletunet storehouseThe Sevle loft is the newest of the three long lofts in Numedal. The loft is probably built as late as in 1632, but the shape of the building and the door columns has a typical medieval look. The loft has many similarities with the loft on Mellom Kravik, with entrance to each room from the gallery outside. The Sevle loft has two storage rooms on the ground floor and three bedrooms on the first floor with fixed beds along the walls.

The door columns on the Sevle loft has the same billowing shape as those on Mellom Kravik.. The columns are inserted into the logs with grooves, which was common in the Middle Age. At Mellom Kravik, the door columns have a shape that Berg calls “hourglass design” with carved profiles that marks the swelling. On Sevle, the columns are decorated with different motifs such as six-leaf rosettes, stars, small crosses and palmettes.

The obvious medieval character on the Sevle columns has brought doubt to the actual building date of 1632. Hilmar Stigum for one thinks that the columns may have been used in another, older building. Other medieval loft with portals that has billowing door columns is found in Søre Eie in Nore, on the second floor of Fjøse in Svene, Søre Kjemhus in Veggli, Lower Skarpmoen in Rollag, Fossan in Rollag, Loftsgård in Nore and Sandnes in Nore.


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