Stories and fairytales

In the far end of the fjord Nordfjord there are two large rifts in the mountainside that are called Jultugjenga.

Old people tell this tale:

The giant in the Gaustad mountain had a conflict with his wife. She was the strongest of the two, so she beat him up and threw him out of the mountain. As one would expect, the giant got furious about this treatment. So he waded over the lake Tinnsjø and cut across to the mountains in Numedal. When he reached up high, he thought he’d jump over to the other side. But the leap was long, and he fell down in the middle of the valley. Where he fell, large rifts were made in the mountain. These have since been called Jutulgjenga.

Later, the giant tried to jump over another hill, Skagsaasen. But he failed again, and got stuck with one foot on each side of the hill. A large rift in the stone was made where one foot had been stood in the Verjedalen valley. At the eastern side, a large piece of the mountain was torn out by his other foot. Later, a small farm was settled at this place and it was called Trollskard.

“The lake Tinnsjø is the deepest I have waded, I had the water up to my ears”, the giant said when he told about his outing.