Stories and fairytales

On the west side of the mountain in Flesberg there is a peak called Uldernatten. There is a cave there. Once upon a time two men thought they would look inside the cave. They made a torch from resinous pine and lighted it. One of them took the torch and crawled in. The other followed. But before they got very far, the torch extinguished. They went back, lighted the torch and tried a second time. But the torch extinguished again. They threw away the torch and crawled together into the dark. After a while they saw saw a fairy farm with a pretty green field, a lake, beautiful farm animals, people and a dog.

Everybody came running towards the cave opening. The dog first, it barked ominous, the others after.

The men got afraid and hurried back as fast as they could. The dog was right behind them when they reached daylight.