Stories and fairytales

Close by Rollag church there is a large stone called Ormesteinen (the snake stone).
The legend of it is told in several versions.

The hillside on the other side of the river Lågen is a steep and slippery rock face which is called “Jutuldynni” (“the door”). A giant lived here, and he fell in love with a girl from Gvammen, a farm north of the village. The giant wanted to marry her.
But this was not to be, the girl had plans to marry a boy from the village. The giant became terribly upset when he discovered this.

On the wedding day, the giant took some large rocks and tossed them towards the wedding party. One the stones can be fond today in the courtyard of Gvammen.

Another stone is located close to the church. This stone cracked as it landed, and snakes crawled out. It can be seen on the stone how the worms have crawled out.

The giant closed his door, and has not been out since that day.